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Naish Hasan,

Writer and Social activist with 15 years of experience. Her native place is Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, where she born and brought up. As Sultanpur was very vibrant during the freedom struggle, Her grand- father Mr. Nazim Ali was a popular and great Freedom Fighter, who actively engaged in 1916 with Mahatma Gandhi ji as young associate, there after he accompanied with Jawahar Lal Nehru ji, Lal Bahadur Shashtri ji and many more. He was elected for Legislative Assembly in 1948 and further he elected for Legislative Assembly again in 1952. Entire life of this great person was full of sacrifices and fight for freedom and justice. In such a Nationalist, Socially and politically vibrant atmosphere, She was fortunate enough to get nurtured and educated in her family, where equality and justice were hallmarks of the life. As a Muslim women's rights activist for 15 years, she was very much aware about issues related to Muslim women. She has chosen to work and fight for discriminatory practices of Triple Talaq and Halala, Mutah, FGM, polygamy etc, which are very rampant in Muslim society and fundamentalist forces are trying to under carpet this issues from the past 70 years as it was happened in the Shahbano episode. As a matter of equality and justice, She is very prompt and active to fight gender-justice, fundamentalist and mobilized secular men and women to fight with these discriminatory practices. She is very active to make consensus building to codify the Muslim Personal Law (Sharia Application Act-1937). This Sharia law cannot give justice and equality to women, therefore, she is trying to mobilize, government institutions, civil society and aware citizen to the above mentioned cause.